Group Leadership Training Courses


Developing thriving, compassionate, empathetic teams who overcome their challenges and drive their organisation towards its goal.

Courses tailored to your team’s goals




Is your team struggling to overcome a particular challenge?
Do they have a blindspot or skills gap holding them back?
Are you looking for some learning and development to transform your team’s capabilities?

Compassionate Leaders’ leadership training courses are for groups of between 6 and 20 employees, and are tailored to the unique challenges facing your team and the gaps in skills and understanding hindering them from achieving your departmental or organisational goals.

What begin as base modules developed to address the challenges Hayley has helped leaders, teams, departments and organisations to overcome over the last decade and a half, are then tailored to directly and impactfully address those challenges facing your team, and the goals they are striving towards.

Leadership training courses can help to connect and align your team, help them to develop new skills and behaviours, and provide them with the tools to overcome their challenges, and drive your department or organisation towards its goals.


What do leadership training courses look like?


Compassionate Leaders’ courses play a pivotal role in her leadership programmes, but are a highly effective standalone solution for organisations with smaller budgets, or those with in-house leadership programmes requiring additional or more conclusive training in certain areas.

Things begin with a conversation with Hayley where you’ll explore your team’s goals, challenges, the individuals involved, and select the most relevant courses to tailor to help address the challenges facing these individuals.

Hayley’s leadership training courses are usually delivered in-person, in-house, to groups of 6-20 people, over 1 to 2 days, depending on the complexity and depth of the training.

Delivering the training in-person enables her to communicate on a more meaningful level, make the most impact and deliver the greatest value to your team. However, if your team or organisation is looking for online delivery, or for more brief “taster” or “Lunch and learn” style sessions, Hayley is happy to accommodate you.

Though sessions promote interaction, conversation, self-reflection and more, to ensure the training is effective in weaving a consistent thread of understanding through each person, Hayley creates a relaxed, low-pressure workshop-style environment, where your team can develop together, without fear or judgement.

Your team will be able to measure their progress via evaluation provided by Hayley after each training session. When team members provide their consent, Hayley also reports back to you, the leader, manager or HR professional who sought out the training, so your organisation can measure the success of her leadership training courses, and utilise the newly developed skills of your talent.

Open courses

Are you from an SME without the budget or infrastructure for in-house facilitation but seeking group leadership training courses to help upskill and align your team?

Hayley has run several open courses across the UK, in collaboration with her partners WISH, Women in Social Housing Network, which provided a valuable solution for SMEs in the sector without the means or number of staff for traditional course delivery, to help them overcome common challenges facing all teams.

Open courses, by their nature, are comprehensive but generalised to address common challenges facing most teams and organisations. Be sure to keep a look out for courses on a topic relevant to your team.

Contact Hayley today providing some details around your business, location, and the challenges you’re facing, to register your interest.

Hayley’s courses

  • Building trust and psychological safety
  • The science of self-confidence
  • Confidence 101 – tools and tips
  • Confident presentation skills
  • Mental health awareness
  •  Managing conflict
  • Courageous conversations
  • Effective coaching techniques
  • How to build a brilliant team
  • Growth mindset
  • Who am I as a leader?
  • Developing your leadership style
  • Personal branding
  • Style for impact and gravitas
  • Stress and resilience
  • Team dynamics and relationships
  • Communication skills
  • Foundations – Creating vision and mission statements and values

The benefits of Hayley’s leadership training courses

As goal-oriented training 100% tailored to your team, Hayley’s leadership training courses help to fill the unique skill gaps and blind spots in understanding present in members of your team, and help your department or organisation to reach its goals.

But, there’s more. Hayley’s experience enables her to author and deliver courses that have broad widespread benefits for your department and organisation, including:

  • Increased productivity across your team and wider organisation
  • Greater team morale
  • Better decision making
  • Improved staff retention
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Lower sickness rates
  • Great succession planning
  • Improved brand association

A unique approach to leadership development training

Hayley’s background and multiple degrees in business and psychology have informed her unique approach to leadership courses, programmes consulting and coaching.

Hayley weaves psychological safety principles throughout her leadership training courses to help your team to develop a culture of trust, collaboration and well-being, and build the foundations on which to move forward as an aligned team who innovate and thrive together.

She’ll also help your team to look inward, and develop their internal and external self-awareness, to help them learn and and work together with confidence, compassion and empathy.



Meet Hayley


Compassionate Leaders Founder and Managing Director, Hayley Gillard, is an empowering, engaging and skilled facilitator, trainer, and Business Psychologist.

Hayley has spent over a decade and a half supporting organisations in the housing sector, education, and a varied range of industries with tailored leadership training courses, programmes and coaching.

Blending business development training and coaching with psychological safety principles, Hayley is committed to creating compassionate leaders of high-performing teams, made up of fulfilled and dedicated staff.

Having supported one of The Times Top 100 UK’s Fastest Growing Companies, and had one of her training programmes shortlisted for an ASCP Safety and Compliance national award in 2022, you can rest assured that Hayley can help to transform your leadership skills and your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do courses cost?

Hayley will work within your budget, and will calculate the cost of your courses by considering factors like the number of courses selected to be tailored and delivered, your location, number of participants, and more.

Hayley charges at a day rate and will send you an initial proposal, featuring a transparent breakdown of costs which she will work with you to tweak until you’re happy with the final pricing.

What are your most popular courses?

Hayley’s range of courses were written to address a wide variety of challenges, and are selected to meet her clients’ unique needs, so course selection differs greatly from client to client.

The most popular singular module is “Building Trust & Psychological Safety”.

Other popular modules include:

  • The Science of Self Confidence
  • Who Am I As a Leader?
  • Developing Your Leadership Style
  • Team Dynamics and Relationships
  • Managing Conflict

Contact Compassionate Leaders today to start your journey and discuss your needs.

How can I persuade my organisation that my team should do this?

Unless you’re the founder, CEO or budget-holder of your organisation, you can seek clearance from the relevant people by:


  • Linking them to this website page
  • Requesting to have a conversation about your development
  • Dedicating a one-to-one to discussing your growth
  • Articulating how your coaching could benefit the team and organisation and demonstrating a grasp on remaining training budgets

Contact Compassionate Leaders today, to find out how Hayley’s programmes can help you, your team and organisation.