Compassionate Leadership Development Training

Helping teams thrive, innovate and collaborate

Compassionate Leaders is a consultancy founded and run by business psychology specialist and skilled facilitator Hayley Gillard, that supports leaders of departments and organisations with leadership development training, coaching, consulting, courses and programmes.

Hayley helps organisations to create the psychologically safe conditions in which high-performing teams can be built, and provides training and support that enables leaders to become more confident, compassionate, and build remarkable teams that thrive, innovate, and truly collaborate.

As a go-to training consultant for organisations across the housing sector, education, and beyond, Hayley supports CEO’s, Senior Leadership Teams, Heads of Departments and HR/OD Leads, with highly effective leadership development training, with compassion at its centre.

If you’re looking to develop your leadership skills, strengthen and transform your team and their ability to lead, and maximise engagement, innovation and performance across your department and organisation, Hayley and her associates can help.

A unique approach to leadership development training

Hayley’s unique approach to leadership development training involves looking inward to develop your internal and external self-awareness. You’ll learn to lead more confidently and compassionately, and make and execute difficult business decisions with empathy, humanness and emotional intelligence.

Whatever combination of consulting, coaching, programmes or courses you and Hayley feel are the right fit for your needs, psychological safety principles are at the centre of her approach. This is to enable you to build the foundations on which engaged, collaborative, productive teams can thrive, and help you to develop a culture of trust and well-being across your team or organisation.

Our leadership development training


Support sessions where you’ll work with Hayley to assess and diagnose your issue to identify the best mix of services for you. 


Coaching sessions, either one-to-one or as a team, can help you overcome your current challenges, reflect and set actions.

Short Courses

Short courses on individual topics that are available for both individual leaders and entire teams, and are run over a short period of time.


Select the topics most relevant to your challenges and goals from over 20 leadership development training modules, to create a tailored programme of support.

Hayley’s process




1. You’ll begin with some consultation-style meetings, where together you will understand your challenges and goals, develop your awareness of how robust teams are built, how to develop your own aligned and high-performing teams, and how to make hard business decisions with compassion. Hayley will guide you to reflect on your team and yourself, critiquing your role as a leader, your skills and knowledge gaps.

In these initial sessions you’ll explore and develop your:

  • Foundations (developing purpose, values, and self-awareness)
  • Operations (looking at ways of working and behaviours)
  • Aspirations (exploring ambition and direction)

2. Hayley will put together a bespoke strategy for you, your peers, direct reports, and even your whole organisation.

This support could combine consultancy, individual and team coaching, and leadership development training programmes and courses, to help develop your leadership skills, and create psychologically safe teams that can overcome office politics, engage in healthy challenges, and embrace accountability.

Why choose Compassionate Leaders?

Hayley has forged a reputation as a skilled, warm and empathetic trainer and facilitator, with a track record that speaks for itself.

Hayley’s leadership development training, consulting, coaching, courses and programmes offer leaders, their teams and organisations with a huge number of benefits. Including:


  • Enhanced effectiveness of leadership
  • Enhanced employee well-being
  • Increased employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Higher talent retention rates
  • Improved communication (both as a leader, or across your team and wider organisation)
  • Increased trust
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Better conflict resolution#
  • Reduction in errors and accidents
  • Creates a positive organisational culture
  • Improved customer satisfaction


Who is Hayley?


Managing Director, Hayley Gillard, is an empowering facilitator, engaging trainer, and skilled leadership coach, with a background and degrees in business and psychology.

Hayley has spent over a decade and a half supporting organisations in the housing sector, education, and a varied range of industries with leadership development training with psychological safety principles at the centre.

Having supported one of The Times Top 100 UK’s Fastest Growing Companies, and had one of her training programmes shortlisted for an ASCP Safety and Compliance national award in 2022, you can rest assured that Hayley can help to transform your leadership skills and your team.

“I genuinely don’t think that I could be the person/leader/business owner/counsel/wife that I am without having you to lean on. I value your advice and honesty and counsel so much. You help me to be the very best version of me and for that I am truly grateful. Everyone needs a Hayley!”

Kate Krachai

Director, Instead Consulting

“Working in a senior leadership role is 100mph and demanding. Creating the space for regular sessions with Hayley has been invaluable and helped me navigate change while also providing the opportunity to reflect. Hayley is great, really personable and easy to talk to. This means I can bring challenges or concerns to a session, talk them through with Hayley, and us work through potential solutions or options. Having tangible actions and a focus for the next period of time means I am more focussed, and can clearly see progress. Working with Hayley and The Fresh Air Leadership Company has made me realise how important it is to have a coach.”

Kim Hide

Head of Learning and Development, FA Education

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