Empowering Leadership Coaching


Helping leaders to overcome challenges, increase self-confidence, self-belief and develop new behaviours.

An impartial ally helping you to perform at your best




Looking for a confidential, safe space where you can let the walls down and address unmet professional desires, weaknesses, skill gaps, and challenges you’re currently navigating?

Hayley’s leadership coaching can empower you to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals, by helping you to gain a new perspective, develop your self awareness, improve your self-belief, adapt new behaviours and lean on the strengths you already have.

Whether you have a clear goal you’re looking to achieve, or need the opportunity to gain clarity and perspective on a particular challenge, these goal oriented, relaxed and honest conversations will help you to see your own resourcefulness and help you achieve your goals and overcome the problems you’re navigating.

Hayley is a trusted, accredited and insured coach, with qualifications in both business and psychology that provide her with a unique approach to leadership coaching and make her an invaluable, impartial professional to have on your side.


Leadership coaching 100% tailored to you


Unsure how to motivate your team or manage different personalities?

Imposter syndrome or lack of confidence holding you back?

Struggling with stress or losing your work/life balance?

If you’re struggling to overcome any of these leadership challenges, or if you want to develop in your career, Hayley’s leadership coaching support could be the perfect solution.

Take a bird’s-eye view of your challenges with an impartial ally dedicated to transforming your decision making, and guiding you with pertinent questions to identify and develop new ways of approaching and overcoming your challenges.

Coaching can have a huge number of benefits, including:

1. Understanding often complex, ongoing problems

2. Provides the opportunity for your own growth, development and reflection

3. Helps you to recognise your own strengths and resourcefulness

4. Identifies hurdles, tendencies to self-sabotage, unconscious biases

5. Enhances your responsibility and accountability

What does leadership coaching look like?




Your first leadership coaching session will start by working with Hayley to identify a personal goal, organisational goal, a goal for your team, or develop existing goals you’re already working towards.

You’ll build a strong rapport and relationship where Hayley will hold you accountable and support you to achieve your goal, by helping you to play to your strengths and realise your own capabilities. She will ask open questions in a non-judgmental, impartial way, to help you explore your goals, challenges and find the right solution for you, without imparting her advice, suggestions, or beliefs to you.

Together you’ll explore your core values, aspirations and personality, and develop your self-awareness to help you assess how your personality impacts the way you communicate, lead and manage. Ultimately, Hayley’s leadership coaching is designed to lift you up, while helping you to dig below the surface for the answers you need.

Sessions are an hour in length, delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and are usually booked in groups of 6 sessions.

Hayley understands that longer coaching relationships drive greater results, but offers the flexibility to adjust session frequency to allow for year-round support at a pace that works for you. You could start with weekly sessions, move to every month, every few months, and ramp things up when you most need the support. This is coaching 100% tailored to you.

How will I see an impact?

At the end of each leadership coaching session, you will set actions to achieve by your next meeting, which you’ll review at the start of your following session. These conversations explore your motivation, resistance, unconscious belief patterns and more, and help to keep you focussed on your original goal and track your progress.

Check-ins at the start of every coaching session also help to mark and celebrate your achievements, which, or highlight sticking points which may lead to accessing further training with Hayley to help you meet your goal.

Dedicated check-in meetings to discuss the progress you’re making in your coaching sessions are also available, if desired.

Group coaching sessions

Where relationships and group dynamics are at the root of the challenges your department or organisation are facing, Hayley also offers group coaching sessions.

As an impartial ally to each member of your group, Hayley creates a relaxed, non-judgmental setting in which you can ask questions of each other, to help each person address their thoughts, behaviours, desired solutions and help lead the group forward.

At the end of group leadership coaching sessions, Hayley will create a bespoke support solution to enable each member of the group to develop their skills, and help your department and organisation meet its goal.



About Hayley


Founder and Managing Director of Compassionate Leaders’, Hayley Gillard, is an empowering, engaging and skilled leadership development facilitator.

Combining leadership coaching, consulting and training with psychological safety principles, Hayley helps leaders to lead with confidence and compassion and build high-performing teams that innovate, collaborate and thrive.

Over the last decade and a half, Hayley has supported leaders and organisations from the education sector, travel, tech and beyond, including one of The Times Top 100 UK’s Fastest Growing Companies).

With training that was shortlisted for an ASCP Safety and Compliance national award in 2022, you can rest assured that Hayley can help to transform your leadership skills and your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does coaching cost?

Hayley’s coaching sessions are booked in blocks, but can be accessed at a frequency that best works for you.

  • 3 one-hour sessions are priced at £450
  • 6 one-hour sessions at £800
  • 12 one-hour sessions at £1700

All coaching sessions are delivered remotely, via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Does having a coach reflect poorly on me as a professional?

Many of the business world’s top entrepreneurs and senior managers attribute coaching as being essential to their success.

Hiring a coach reflects your ambition, your tenacity to overcome obstacles in order to succeed, and shows strength, determination and resilience. It shows you have what it takes to lead well, you likely just need a little help.

How can I persuade my organisation that I should do this?

Unless you’re the founder, CEO or budget-holder of your organisation, you can seek clearance from the relevant people by:#


  • Linking them to this website page
  • Requesting to have a conversation about your development
  • Dedicating a one-to-one to discussing your growth
  • Articulating how your coaching could benefit the team and organisation and demonstrating a grasp on remaining training budgets

Contact Compassionate Leaders today, to discuss your needs and how Hayley can help you or your team.