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Training leaders with compassion, enthusiasm and creativity.


Helping you to overcome challenges

Compassionate Leaders’ Hayley Gillard has been a well-regarded leadership development facilitator for leaders in housing, education, and a wide variety of industries for over a decade and a half.

Her varied experience and science-backed qualifications enable Hayley to help you navigate the complex challenges you’re facing across your team and organisation, and transform your leadership skills, your team and its culture.

Is your team disconnected? Unmotivated? Bogged down in office politics?

Are you struggling to communicate with your team? To manage different personalities?

Do you or your team need to improve your strategic thinking and creativity?

With a blend of both one-to-one and team coaching, courses, and programmes tailored to you, Hayley can help you to unlock your team’s potential and your own.


An effective and versatile leadership development facilitator




From organisations in the housing sector, to education, sport, travel, tech, utilities and beyond, Hayley is an experienced and versatile leadership development facilitator, with the knowledge, understanding and flexibility to facilitate growth and development across all manner of organisations. No matter how significant the challenges you’re facing.

Hayley’s honest, warm and enthusiastic style is in part what makes her training so effective. Though initially working with CEO’s and leaders of departments, Hayley’s work often runs deeper and requires her to work with employees at all levels of your team or organisation, to help you reach your departmental and organisational goals.

She not only understands, but naturally embodies the characteristics that make an invaluable, effective leadership development facilitator. As a keen and excellent listener, with a genuine interest in and commitment to you, and a highly developed emotional intelligence, Hayley can help to transform your leadership skills, team and organisation.


A leadership development facilitator blending leadership with psychology


Hayley is a skilled and experienced leadership development facilitator with an approach to leadership development coaching and training that is unique, but highly effective.

Whether supporting you with coaching, courses or programmes, Hayley and her trusted associates, will help you to lead with compassion, confidence, empathy, and emotional intelligence. This support will also help you to develop your self-awareness to enable you to create a positive culture of collaboration where your team can innovate, communicate and thrive.

Inline with her background in business and psychology, she delivers invaluable leadership training with psychological safety at its centre, to help you create the conditions on which high-performing teams can be built.


But, what is psychological safety? 


Psychological safety is the bedrock of high-performing teams, and the key to unlocking your team’s full potential so they can achieve outstanding results. Developing and maintaining psychological safety across your department or organisation isn’t always easy, and is often misunderstood as being nice or friendly. It can involve tackling some complicated challenges, and developing the ability to challenge your teammates.

As a talented, experienced leadership development facilitator with a background and qualifications in psychology, Hayley understands that psychological safety principles are incredibly effective in enabling business leaders like you to cultivate an environment where your team can communicate openly, take risks, innovate, learn from mistakes, trust one another, and collaborate effectively with confidence.


The combination of leadership development training and psychological principles can have a huge number of benefits including:

Creates Open Communication: Fosters an environment where team members feel comfortable to express their thoughts, ideas and concerns without fear of judgement.

Increases Trust & Collaboration: Builds trust among team members which enables collaboration to flourish, and maximises effectiveness and productivity.

Creates a Culture of Learning & Growth: Team members are more likely to admit mistakes, seek help, share experiences, embrace challenges and develop new skills.

Increases Innovation & Creativity: When individuals feel psychologically safe, they are more likely to share ideas, think outside of the box, and innovate to drive continuous improvement.

Encourages Risk-Taking and Experimentation: Encourages team members to take calculated risks and experiment, often leading to breakthroughs and improvements in team performance.

Increases Adaptability to Change: Fosters a culture of adaptability and resilience in the face of change, where team members can openly discuss and address issues.

Maximises Employee Well-being: Psychologically safe teams have higher job satisfaction rates and lower levels of stress, resulting in a positive atmosphere and higher employee retention rates.

“It has been quite remarkable having Hayley as our group facilitator. Before Hayley, I only had worked with male coaches, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. After the experience, I am so happy we chose to ask Hayley (working for The Fresh Air Leadership Company) to host the workshops for us. We were a big group of 17 people, and Hayley managed to keep us engaged and open to collaborating with each other. She didn’t draw much attention to herself, instead acted as an enabler for us all to feel safe to share our experiences and opinions. During the day, Hayley guided us through several very challenging tasks, ensured we stayed on track and produced tangible results by the end of the session. I can’t wait to work together again.”

Alona Malinovska

Managing Director, Webgains UK


 Meet Hayley


Hayley Gillard is Managing Director at Compassionate Leaders, and an empowering, engaging and skilled leadership development facilitator and trainer.

With a background and qualifications in both Business and Psychology, Hayley helps organisations to create compassionate, decisive leaders of high-performing teams, made up of fulfilled and dedicated staff who are committed to achieving the organisation’s mission and living its values.

Her degrees in Business and Psychology enable her to combine an understanding of people’s thoughts and behaviours with an appreciation for their work environment, and she has developed her practical skills by gaining qualifications in leadership management, coaching and mental health.

Hayley is a highly experienced leadership development facilitator, supporting organisations from a varied range of sectors, including housing (social and private), education, travel and beyond.

Amongst her highlights so far are:

  • Supporting one of The Times Top 100 UK’s Fastest Growing Companies to unite staff across the whole organisation in its purpose, vision and operations.
  • Training leaders from a national housing association to perform well in a high-pressure environment, via a tailored programme that was shortlisted for an ASCP Safety and Compliance national award in 2022.
  • Helping a global male-dominated organisation to develop actions that will deliver its gender equality mission in locations around the world.

Compassionate Leaders also has a carefully selected, trusted team of associates whom Hayley works with on relevant projects to help deliver her support.

When supporting education providers and training particularly large groups Hayley may be accompanied by fellow leadership development facilitator, sector specialist and ex- school senior leader, Liz O’Connor, to help her deliver her valuable training on a larger scale.

Liz O’Connor

For settings where de-escalation techniques and practical tools and ideas for supporting highly-charged situations are required, Hayley brings in colleague and conflict specialist Rich Atkinson, to provide more comprehensive training around managing conflict.

Rich Atkinson

Manisha Vithani is a skilled facilitator, leadership development professional and accredited coach and a valued part of the Compassionate Leaders team. By offering you a choice of facilitator, Compassionate Leaders’ offers you the flexibility to find a specialist whom you really gel with.

Manisha Vithani

Helenlee Whalley is a skilled facilitator and a valued part of the Compassionate Leaders team. By offering you a choice of facilitator, Compassionate Leaders’ offers you the flexibility to find a specialist whom you really gel with.

Helenlee Whalley

Gemma Brown is a skilled facilitator and a valued part of the Compassionate Leaders team. By offering you a choice of facilitator, Compassionate Leaders’ offers you the flexibility to find a specialist whom you really gel with. 

Gemma Brown

Kate Bennett (The HR Hero) is a skilled facilitator and a valued part of the Compassionate Leaders team. By offering you a choice of facilitator, Compassionate Leaders’ offers you the flexibility to find a specialist whom you really gel with. 

Kate Bennett (The HR Hero)

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