Tailored Leadership Programmes


Helping leaders and teams to overcome their challenges and meet their goals with tailored programmes made up of training modules and coaching.

Programmes of support tailored to you and your team




Programmes are for leaders, teams and departments that are looking for a longer, deeper journey of development.

Primarily a mix of training modules, both one-to-one and group coaching sessions, and sometimes supplemented with additional recommended activities, Hayley’s leadership programmes are in-depth, sustainable packages of support, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your team.

A great way to up-level a whole team or department at once, programmes can help to weave a consistent thread of understanding through your team, help to plug skill gaps, and develop the understandings of multiple people.

Hayley’s leadership programmes provide the opportunity for your team to connect and explore critical thinking, planning, collaborative problem solving, and self-reflection, to help you overcome your challenges, innovate, and lead the department forward towards its goals, together.


How Hayley’s leadership programmes are designed


Things start by having a chat with Hayley about the challenges facing your team, the people involved, and your goals. You’ll discuss budget, any relevant staff issues, logistics, timeframe, barriers to development, attaining your team’s support of the training, and the delivery of the programme, which is usually facilitated by Hayley in-house.


Compiling your package of support


Hayley compiles her leadership programmes based on your goals and the factors hindering your team from overcoming your challenges, working with you to select the blend of specific training modules, one-on-one and group coaching, and supplementary activities that will be most effective in transforming your team.

Leaders usually select between 6 and 12 training modules from Hayley’s large and varied range. These base modules range from “Managing conflict” to “Personal branding”, “Building trust and psychological safety”, “Courageous conversations” and beyond. Hayley will help you to select the modules that will help you to reach your goal, whether that be maximising confidence, business growth, increasing sustainability etc, and tailor them to address your unique challenges.

Depending on your needs, you can then add monthly one-to-one and group coaching sessions to your programme of support. Group coaching is the beating heart of Hayley’s leadership programmes, helping teams to support each other, coach each other with compassion and without judgement, problem solve, and find solutions together.

Finally, you will work together with Hayley to select further training elements to create a deeper, more holistic programme. Activities range from professional headshot shoots and personal development workshops when developing confidence is your goal, to guest speaker events and networking opportunities when business growth is your focus.

Hayley will then support you to attain your colleagues support of the programme and deploy internal marketing before kickstarting delivery.

You’ll receive evaluation during and after each session, as well as a final impact report, which quantitatively tracks self-reported levels of improvement in areas such as confidence, ability and knowledge. This report will also feature an impressive depth of feedback which details each participant’s personal outcomes.


How are leadership programmes delivered?


Hayley is keen to deliver her leadership programmes in-house to ensure she makes the biggest impact.

Facilitating training of this kind for over a decade, and with a background and qualifications in business development and psychology, Hayley understands that being in the room enables her to more effectively connect, communicate on a more meaningful level, and deliver greater value to each person.

Open programmes

Are you from a small SME without the budget, number of team members, or infrastructure for in-house facilitation? Looking for help with the same challenges facing most small organisations?

Hayley has run several open leadership programmes across the UK, in collaboration with her partners WISH, Women in Social Housing Network, which helped to make an impact for attending leaders in the sector.

Contact Compassionate Leaders today providing some details around your business, location, and the challenges you’re facing, to enquire about an open programme.

Programme benefits




As tailored packages of support, Hayley’s leadership programmes are designed to help your team overcome their unique challenges. But they have a huge number of further benefits:


  • Increase team or organisational productivity
  • Maximise team morale
  • Help to develop better decision making
  • Improve staff retention
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Lower sickness rates
  • Great succession planning
  • Improve brand association



About Hayley


Compassionate Leaders Founder and Managing Director, Hayley Gillard, is an empowering, engaging and skilled facilitator, trainer, and Business Psychologist.

Hayley has spent over a decade and a half supporting organisations in the housing sector, education, and a varied range of industries with tailored leadership programmes of training and coaching.

With a background and multiple degrees in both Business and Psychology, Hayley blends business development training and coaching with psychological safety principles, to help create compassionate leaders of high-performing teams, made up of fulfilled and dedicated staff.

Having supported one of The Times Top 100 UK’s Fastest Growing Companies, and had one of her training programmes shortlisted for an ASCP Safety and Compliance national award in 2022, you can rest assured that Hayley can help to transform your leadership skills and your team.

Hayley has really helped me navigate into my new role which I was really worried about as I questioned if I was good enough for the role and she gave me the confidence to just go for it. She has enabled me to change the way I manage stressful situations, challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and taught me skills I’ll carry long beyond the leadership course. I now feel more confident, able and equipped with the skills to be a good leader.

Kirsty Taylor

Senior Property Safety Officer, Orbit Group

I cannot praise Hayley enough with how well this cause has impacted, not only my working life, but also my personal life. My mindset and confidence has changed for the better, and this is being shown and noticed within my work. With every session I have with Hayley I feel like I develop as a shiny new person each time. I am a completely different person to when I first started this cause, which was only September last year! I am so glad I was given this opportunity to be able to develop myself, and I cannot wait to see how much I will have grown by the end of this course. I have just 1 question, Please can we keep Hayley?!

Eloise Kitchen

Property Safety Officer, Orbit Group

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do programmes cost?

Programmes are 100% tailored, and therefore no two are the same, or share the same price.

Hayley will work within your budget, and will calculate programme costs by considering factors like location, number of participants, and length of programme. Hayley charges at a day rate and will send you an initial proposal, featuring a transparent breakdown of costs per training element, which she will work with you to tweak until you’re happy with the final pricing.

What are your most popular packages of training modules?

As you’d expect, the popular packages of modules below reflect and address the most common problems experienced by the teams and organisations that Hayley supports. The most popular singular module is “Building Trust & Psychological Safety”.

Popular Package 1

Goal: Growing the confidence of your leaders
Modules: 1) The Science of Self Confidence, 2) Confidence 101, 3) Who Am I As a Leader? 4) Leadership Styles, 5) Growth Mindset, 6) Coaching Skills

Popular Package 2

Goal: Improving people management skills
Modules: 1) Who Am I As a Leader?, 2) Developing Your Leadership Style, 3) Mental Health Awareness – OR – Stress and Resilience, 4) Team Dynamics and Relationships, 5) Building Trust & Psychological Safety, 6) Managing Conflict, 7) Courageous Conversations, 8) Effective Coaching Techniques, 9) Communication Skills

Popular Package 3

Goal: Improving the impact and gravitas of your leaders
Modules: 1) Growth Mindset, 2) The Science of Self-Confidence, 3) Confidence 101 Tools & Tips,
4) Personal Branding, 5) Style for Impact and Gravitas, 6) Confident Presentation Skills, 7) Managing Conflict, 8) Courageous Conversations, 9) Effective Coaching Techniques, 10) Communication Skills

Popular Package 4

Goal: Developing the leadership skills and mindset of your leaders
Modules: 1) Who Am I As a Leader?, 2) Developing Your Leadership Style, 3) Personal Branding,
4) Team Dynamics and Relationships, 5) Building Trust & Psychological Safety, 6) Effective Coaching Techniques, 7) The Foundations of Successful Leadership

How can I persuade my organisation that my team and I should do this?

Unless you’re the founder, CEO or budget-holder of your organisation, you can seek clearance from the relevant people by:


  • Linking them to this website page
  • Requesting to have a conversation about your development
  • Dedicating a one-to-one to discussing your growth
  • Articulating how your coaching could benefit the team and organisation and demonstrating a grasp on remaining training budgets

Contact Compassionate Leaders today, to find out how Hayley’s programmes can help you, your team and organisation.