Transformative Leadership Consulting


Helping leaders to overcome challenges, develop their skills and effect change across their organisations


Initial consultation meetings




Whether you know the services you want to explore with Hayley, or simply know you need some guidance, your journey will begin with a relaxed consultation meeting.

This session will provide an opportunity for Hayley to learn about you, your team and organisation, its culture and politics. You’ll discuss your challenges, who is involved with the issues you’re navigating, your goals, plans for development, and more.

These Initial consultation sessions provide Hayley with the information she needs to compile a selection of services, combining further leadership consulting, coaching, courses and programmes, tailored to you, your team, and their challenges and goals.

Hayley understands that organisations like yours spend too much time and money on one size fits all training approaches, and uses these early consultations to create effective support solutions tailored to your unique needs. Solutions you not only need, but want, that help you and your team to achieve your goals and enable you to build high-performing teams that meet your organisational mission.


Leadership consulting support


Know you need some support but not quite sure what help you need? Want a second perspective?

Perhaps you’re looking to motivate your team? Minimise office politics? Increase their confidence and efficiency? Or achieve something specific, quickly and effectively?

Hayley’s leadership consulting sessions are effective in taking a birds eye view of your development, your department or organisation, to help identify challenges, gaps and problem areas, the factors in need of development, and your existing strengths.

These sessions are tailored entirely to you and your team, your challenges and goals, and offer a professional, valuable perspective you’re unlikely to have in-house. They provide the opportunity for Hayley to share strategies that have worked for other leaders and organisations, and determine factors hindering your personal growth, the growth of your team and organisation.

You’ll work with Hayley to identify the aspects of personalities that could hinder development and growth, both in yourself and across your team and organisation, having your responses and points of view challenged along the way to help you consider multiple perspectives.

The outcomes of these leadership consulting meetings enable Hayley to compile a tailored plan for you and your team, which could include not only a mix of coaching, courses or programmes, but helping you to write policies and procedures, plan and conduct staff surveys, mediate conversations and more.

Whether you’re a CEO/MD/Director, Head of Service or work within Human Resources/Organisational Development, Hayley’s consulting support could help you to transform your skills, your department and organisation.


Group leadership consulting sessions




Committed to delivering solutions that are influenced by the people they will affect, Hayley also offers group leadership consulting.

Group sessions are recommended when one-on-one consulting sessions reveal that other individuals are central to the challenges your department and organisation are navigating, and enable Hayley to assess the perspectives of everyone involved, and diagnose the root cause.

At the end of your group leadership consulting session, Hayley will create a bespoke solution of support that may include a combination of coaching, courses and programmes, to enable each member of the group to develop their skills, overcome their challenges, and help your department and organisation to meet its goals.

A unique approach to leadership development training

Hayley has a background and multiple degrees in business and psychology, which has informed her unique approach to her leadership consulting, coaching, courses and programmes.

To help you to navigate the complex challenges you’re experiencing, Hayley will help you to look inward and develop your internal and external self-awareness. This is to help you lead your department or organisation forward with confidence, compassion, empathy and humanness, and put your people at the centre of difficult decision making.

Her unique blend of business and psychology qualifications mean Hayley understands the important role psychological safety plays in building high-performing teams that thrive and overcome complex challenges through innovation. That’s why Hayley weaves psychological safety principles through everything she does, to help you build the foundations on which engaged and productive teams can be formed, and develop a culture of trust and well-being across your team or organisation.



About your leadership consultant


Compassionate Leaders’ Founder and Managing Director, Hayley Gillard, is an empowering, engaging and skilled Business Psychology Consultant.

Combining leadership consulting, coaching and training with psychological safety principles, Hayley helps organisations to create compassionate, decisive leaders of high-performing teams, made up of fulfilled, dedicated staff committed to achieving the organisation’s mission.

Over the last decade and a half, Hayley has supported leaders and organisations from the education sector, travel, tech and beyond, including one of The Times Top 100 UK’s Fastest Growing Companies).

With training that was shortlisted for an ASCP Safety and Compliance national award in 2022, you can rest assured that Hayley can help to transform your leadership skills and your team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does consulting cost?

Initial consulting sessions are free. Hayley will offer her tips and suggestions throughout the meeting, and send a follow up email afterwards to summarise the chat and outline the next steps, complete with associated cost estimates.

Consulting support is charged at a daily rate, and prices are calculated taking into consideration if the sessions are virtual or in-person, the number of people the support will focus on (relevant to group sessions), and how deeply you want to evaluate your skills, and those of your team, department and organisation, etc. You can amend your focus at any time.

Hayley will share costs right from the start, before you need to make any commitment, and payments can be made in instalments.

How can I persuade my organisation that I should do this?

Unless you’re the founder, CEO or budget-holder of your organisation, you can seek clearance from the relevant people by:


  • Linking them to this website page
  • Requesting to have a conversation about your development
  • Dedicating a one-to-one to discussing your growth
  • Articulating how consulting could benefit the team and organisation and demonstrating a grasp on remaining training budgets

Contact Compassionate Leaders today, to discuss your needs and how Hayley can help you or your team.