Psychological Safety Course & Coaching

Psychological safety specialists helping leaders, teams and organisations to embrace healthy conflict and build stronger teams better able to overcome challenges and meet goals.


What is psychological safety?

Psychological safety is the essential foundation on which high-performing teams are built.

It’s an environment where team members have the confidence and freedom to take risks, challenge the status quo, and engage in open, honest conversations without fear of retribution or judgement.

It is the key to empowering your team to achieve outstanding results. Without it, mistakes are covered up, cultures of blame ensue, and trust and honesty are diminished.

This is why Hayley is so passionate about facilitating her psychological safety course, and weaving its principles throughout her leadership development consulting, coaching and programmes.


Developing better leaders and high-performing teams




How psychological safety can make you a better leader


With her dedicated psychological safety course, and powerful use of its principles in all her work, Hayley can help you to develop your leadership skills, perspective and behaviours, to enable you to overcome your unique challenges and make you a better, more compassionate leader.

Hayley will work with you to develop your self-awareness, to enable you to lead your department or organisation forward with compassion and empathy, own your views, personality, strengths and weaknesses at work, and help your team to do the same.

Furthermore, Hayley will help you to understand the importance of psychological safety and foster a culture that values openness, trust and continuous improvement, to lay the foundations on which high-performing teams can align, collaborate, innovate and thrive.


Building high-performing teams with psychological safety


Hayley’s psychological safety course, like all her group short courses, are designed to align your individual team members, and develop their skills and behaviours to enable them to overcome the complex challenges facing your department or organisation together, through true collaboration and with greater self-awareness and compassion.

By developing your team’s ability to challenge, reflect, take ownership and empathise, you can maximise engagement, results, commitment, and accountability, and minimise internal politics, defensiveness, ego, aggression and other factors bound to hinder productivity and disrupt the delivery of results. 


Hayley’s psychological safety course:


“Building Trust and Psychological Safety”


Do you have ambitious growth plans and need your exec team on the same page to achieve them? – Is there resentment, judgement and blaming within your leadership team? Do office politics take up too much time? 

Do you wish you could collaborate, problem solve and overcome challenges in a professional, succinct and direct way without people taking offence, or being judgemental?


Hayley’s “Building Trust & Psychological Safety” course is designed to help leadership teams uncover and address communication issues, build true rapport and connection, understand the gaps in processes, or address desired and undesired behaviours.

Facilitated by Hayley, in-house, this workshop-style psychological safety course centres around your team taking an active role in addressing and overcoming their challenges, and effecting change in their team or department. .

Hayley creates a safe, non-judgmental setting where everybody is encouraged to make their voices and thoughts heard, and leads your team to connect, consider everyone’s perspective, and develop their skills and behaviours.

Far from easy and fluffy, this psychological safety course can be a hugely powerful and effective experience, encouraging your team to lean into vulnerability, and push themselves to the edge of discomfort, where goals are met, challenges are overcome and lasting benefits can be harnessed.

These benefits include increased effectiveness, collaboration and innovation, minimised conflict, and a culture where people empower each other.

A psychological safety course 100% tailored to your challenges


Having established an understanding of your team, department, organisation, and the challenges you’re navigating in a discovery call/meeting, Hayley will begin to plan how she will tailor the delivery to your organisation’s unique challenges and goals.

However, Hayley’s talent for tailoring her psychological safety course to your team, and leading them to uncover and address the true, underlying causes of the challenges they are navigating, happens in the room.

While your team works through the structure of the course, they will begin to reveal their challenges, and the roots of these challenges, in their discussions and how they communicate. Hayley’s background in psychology enables her to ask the right questions, in the right way, to guide your team to address and overcome their sticking points.

By asking critical, open-ended questions, observing when people are holding back, challenging opinions and perspectives, and encouraging proper listening and rapport building if things get tough, she weaves content delivery around the people in the room, and what they bring into or unearth during the session.

What does the course look like?


1. Pre-workshop questionnaire and analysis – To unearth issues, stimulate reflection, build rapport, and prepare individuals for the course format.

Questionnaire responses will be handled by Hayley and our research analyst for optimal insight. Themes will be drawn out and used in the workshop. All individual responses are anonymised and handled confidentially. This is an important part of the process as it allows us to cover topics that are relevant and really target the core of your challenges.

2. The workshop covers 5 areas – Building trust and rapport, Team purpose, Group values, Shared ambition & Ways of working to achieve and nurture trust.

Addressing these topics using a workshop-style approach rather than a traditional teaching-based course format allows for the co-creation of a leadership charter and development plan for the team, which Hayley develops and sends to you the following day.

3. Follow-up email or phone call – Approximately a week later, to gauge progress and hold your team to account.

This popular psychological safety course has proven to be an effective and versatile experience for teams from a wide range of sectors, leading them to identify and implement their own solutions to their varied range of challenges.

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“Hayley led a 1-day bespoke workshop “Who do we need to be to collectively lead with energy, purpose, and compassion for the next five years?” for our leadership team. This was the first time this group had come together with Hayley managing to keep a 20-strong team engaged and energised throughout the whole day, breaking down barriers and opening the doors of conversation and honesty between the whole team. Hayley presented and guided the team through some challenging tasks clearly and effectively, allowing us to create and agree our team charter setting out our ways of working together going forward. Thanks so much Hayley!” 

CE0 & Founder

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