Leadership Training for Housing Associations

Compassionate leadership training with psychological safety at the centre.


Training leaders and transforming teams across the housing sector

Compassionate Leaders’ Founder, Hayley Gillard, has been delivering leadership coaching, courses, programmes and training for housing associations for over a decade and a half.

With a background and multiple degrees in business and psychology, Hayley supports organisations to create the psychologically safe conditions in which high-performing teams can be built, and helps leaders to lead with confidence, compassion and build teams that thrive.

Hayley’s sector experience




Hayley began her career working in various business development roles for a housing association, and spent 6 years delivering volunteer training, holding staff engagement forums, managing the skills and employment support service, and more in-house.

Leaving the sector and her role as Business Innovations Manager in 2015, she has since forged a reputation as a skilled, empowering and engaging facilitator and trainer. Her coaching and training for housing associations reflects her understanding of industry terminology, the political landscape across housing organisations, and operating conditions.

Hayley understands the pressure organisations like yours are facing around Building Safety to upgrade buildings, refine policies, and protect the residents in your homes, and can help leaders and teams to navigate the related organisational pressures and challenges.

Hayley has developed a track record of delivering coaching, courses, programmes and training for housing associations that help leaders like you to develop your leadership skills, strengthen and transform your team, and maximise engagement, innovation and performance across your department and organisation.


People-first leadership training for housing associations


Hayley has a unique and highly effective approach to creating and delivering leadership training for housing associations.

She weaves valuable psychological safety principles through her coaching, training, courses and programmes to enable you to build the foundations on which high-performing, engaged and collaborative teams can thrive, and help you develop a culture of trust and well-being across your team and wider organisation.

Psychologically safe teams can communicate openly, take risks, innovate, learn from mistakes, trust one another, and collaborate effectively with confidence.

Hayley’s leadership coaching and training for housing associations will help you to develop your leadership skills by looking inward to develop your internal and external self-awareness. You’ll learn how to lead with confidence, compassion, and make and execute difficult business decisions with empathy, humanness and emotional intelligence.

Leadership training for housing associations


Support sessions where you’ll work with Hayley to assess and diagnose your issue to identify the best mix of services for you.


Coaching sessions, either one-to-one or as a team, can help you overcome your current challenges, reflect and set actions.

Short Courses

Short courses on individual topics that are available for both individual leaders and entire teams, and are run over a short period of time.


Select the topics most relevant to your challenges and goals from over 20 leadership development training modules, to create a tailored programme of support.

In-person workshops


Hayley’s “Building High-Performing Teams” workshop is a must for leaders of departments and organisations seeking leadership development training for housing associations.

The one-day workshop will include:

  • The science-based business psychology that underpins building high performing teams
  • The 5 Key Elements that make up high performing teams
  • How to apply these to your own team or organisation

Contact Hayley to enquire about her delivering this workshop in-house for your team, department or organisation.

Alternatively, join Hayley in Birmingham on March 19th for her open workshop for leaders in the housing sector. Book your tickets via the button below.

Leadership webinars


Join hundreds of other housing sector leaders from across the UK and book a free place on one of Hayley’s regular webinars, run in collaboration with The Women in Social Housing Network (WISH).

Each webinar is based on one of the 5 key elements that help to create high-performing teams.

Click the button below, select the webinar the title most relevant to your team, challenge, or business goal below below, and join Hayley and fellow sector leaders on a webinar soon.


Meet Hayley


Hayley Gillard is the Founder and MD of Compassionate Leaders, and an empowering, engaging and skilled facilitator and trainer, supporting leaders to lead with confidence, compassion, and build high-performing teams that thrive.

With a background and several degrees in both Business and Psychology, Hayley helps organisations to create compassionate, decisive leaders of high-performing teams, made up of fulfilled and dedicated staff who are committed to achieving the organisation’s mission and living its values.

Hayley has been delivering coaching, courses, programmes and training for housing associations since leaving university, when she worked in a range of Business Development roles for housing association GreenSquareAccord for 6 years.

Though she left the sector to support all manner of organisations with facilitation, coaching and training, Hayley’s track record in helping leaders and organisations in the housing space to overcome complex challenges has led to her continuing to support a great many organisations across the sector.

Over the last decade and a half, Hayley has delivered coaching, courses, programmes and training for housing associations and organisations from the education sector, travel, tech and beyond.

“This programme has had an incredible impact on myself personally and in the work place, with the help of everything Hayley has taught me and shown me I have managed to get 2 promotions and self confidence that has improved massively.”

Hayley Cross

Property Safety Officer, Orbit Group

“Hayley is an authentic, energetic and extremely knowledgeable coach and trainer. She helped me understand and overcome many of my fears and shortcomings. I feel I am a better, more aware and insightful person after I’ve attended her course. Thank you, Hayley! What you do makes a difference!”

Bobbie Kondakova

Category Manager, Thirteen Group

Contact Compassionate Leaders today, to discuss your needs and see how Hayley can help you, your team, and your housing organisation.