The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator Programme


Hit the gas on your leadership and bring out the brilliant leader within. 


The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator Programme




Sharpen your leadership management skills with The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator, the ILM accredited training programme from Hayley Gillard.

Whether you’re a middle manager striving to be a more effective leader, or an aspiring leader looking to snag their first management role, The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator is the key to helping you bring out the brilliant leader within.

The 6-month programme offers a rich learning experience, combining in-person training sessions, virtual group coaching, and one-to-one coaching sessions to help increase your leadership effectiveness.

Designed with you in mind


Do you lack confidence in your abilities, worry about getting things wrong, and fear confrontation and being judged by others?

Got a good technical ability but lack management experience, and an understanding of the best approaches to effectively tackle management challenges?

Keen to secure your first middle management role?

Let’s get you unstuck!

The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator programme is designed to not only provide an interactive way to develop your understanding of leadership management and theory, but also help you to apply all the training to your role, and the people you manage.

The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator

Reasons to hit the gas on your leadership




Level-up your leadership management skills:

  • Build your confidence
  • Develop your understanding of your motivations
  • Understand your leadership style
  • Reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, ways of thinking, and working preferences

Unlock how to manage your team more effectively:

  • Develop your ability to effectively motivate others
  • Understand how to manage different personalities
  • Diagnose and address skills gaps
  • Align employees with a shared vision, purpose, and way of working



Join Hayley on October 2nd 2024 to kick off The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator programme, and start your journey to level-up your leadership management skills. Places are priced at £2997+VAT.


The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator
The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator

What your learning looks like

The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator is a 6-month, interactive learning experience, culminating in an undergraduate degree-level equivalent, ILM Level 5 in Leadership Management qualification.

Your training will be delivered by Hayley Gillard, both in-person in Birmingham and via online coaching sessions. Here’s a breakdown:

X6 Leadership Management (Group) Training Sessions

  • Confidence, self-awareness and who are you as a leader
  • Leadership styles and motivating staff, personal branding
  • Business tools, strategic and operational thinking and compassionate leadership
  • Effective communication skills and brilliant presentations
  • Coaching Skills
  • Mental health, EDI, and managing stress

In-person training in Birmingham, on 2nd & 3rd of October, 11th & 12th of December, and 5th & 6th of February 2024.

X3 Group Coaching Sessions to Solve Problems & Overcome Challenges
Via Zoom, on 6th November, 8th January, 5th March.

X6 One-to-One Coaching Sessions to Apply Insights to YOUR Situation
Via Zoom, at a date and time that works for you.

Bonus content – You’ll also receive access to Hayley’s online learning portal featuring video recordings of all the training delivered, and to her Leadership Development Playbook PDF, which features other tools and theories to help transform your management skills.

Places are £2997+VAT.
Secure your place on The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator programme, and join Hayley on October 2nd 2024 to start your training and transform your leadership management skills. Places cost £2997+VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator is for me?

The ideal participant:

1) Has ambition to take their career to the next level, be that in their current role or in a future role. You want to shine in the workplace and be seen as someone with leadership potential. You do not have to have achieved the title of Manger yet. If you have the drive to develop into your next leadership role, the programme is for you.

2) Have an interest in people. You want to learn to get the best out of people, encourage people and empower people – including yourself.

3) Is concerned that effective leadership requires you to be brash, aggressive or forceful and you do not identify with these traits. You are kind and compassionate and want to learn ways of connecting with people that mean you are respected for being nice, without being seen as weak.

4) Is willing to share your experience throughout this process and understand that going through challenges with the support of peers will help you to grow. 

5) Is open to answering questions about the challenges you are facing with a coach in a secure and safe way. You are excited about unblocking the things that are preventing you from being confident.

What actually is coaching?

Coaching is a conversation where Hayley, (or multiple people in group coaching scenarios) ask you questions to help you solve a problem. It’s an opportunity for you to talk with someone impartial.

A coach may not know your specific job role, must remain unbiased, and cannot lead you to a particular conclusion as a mentor might. Instead, Hayley will ask you questions that help you to dig below the surface and provide opportunity for reflection.

In the first session, you’ll identify and explore a goal, whether that be a personal, professional or a goal for your team, and work to achieve this goal together.

Hayley will hold you accountable to achieving your goal, help you play to your strengths, help you feel positively about yourself and your skills, and challenge you to ensure you’re on the right journey of development, and are aiming to achieve the right goals for you.

Coaching conversations are usually an hour and Hayley will keep the conversation on track if needed, or help you to follow your thoughts.


What technology do we use?

One-to-one and Group Coaching calls will take place via Zoom. You will receive the link to zoom meetings once you are enrolled on the programme.

If you’d like, you can opt for your one-to-one coaching calls to be recorded and sent to you afterwards. Just let Hayley know at the start of your session.

Please sit in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed, and where you’re unlikely to be overheard.

Why is it a 6-month process?

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Confidence is a skill you learn, not something that develops overnight.

Coaching is about setting goals and taking steps towards them. Years of doing this has shown Hayley, the programme’s author and facilitator, that the best results come by way of building your relationship together over time, and gradually implementing the lessons bit by bit. Building rapport, trust and understanding grows the more time you spend together.

Will my group coaching be done with my boss, colleagues or people I know?

No. Absolutely not.

Hayley will ensure you’re in groups with people you do not know. Hayley believes it’s important that you feel challenged, not terrified!

How can I persuade my organisation that I should do this?

Unless you’re the founder, CEO or budget-holder of your organisation, you can seek clearance from the relevant people by:


  • Linking them to this website page.
  • Requesting to have a conversation about your development.
  • Dedicating a one-to-one to discussing your growth.
  • Articulating how consulting could benefit the team and organisation and demonstrating a grasp on remaining training budgets.
  • Show them a 5 minute video explaining The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator and the benefits. Just email to request the link.

How much do I need to share in coaching sessions?

As much or as little as you want.

The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator programme is really powerful, sometimes emotional, and ultimately life changing. It feels incredible to have your fears validated by peers and brilliant when you can celebrate successes. You may just make lifelong friends!

You won’t be pressured to share anything, at any time throughout the programme.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. You can pay in 12 monthly instalments. Email to set this up.

How does the qualification work?

The ILM Level 5 in Leadership Management qualification requires you to receive core learning on the topics included within this programme and then “prove” your learning through assessments.

Full information on these assessments will be provided on enrolment, and Hayley will support you through every step of the journey.

If you have any further questions about The Compassionate Leadership Accelerator, contact Hayley today.