“Building High-Performing Teams” Workshop, Birmingham.


Join leadership development specialist, skilled facilitator, trainer, and housing sector expert, Hayley Gillard, on Tuesday March 19th, for the Building High-Performing Teams Workshop at The Birmingham Conferences and Events Centre.

What Will the Building High-Performing Teams Workshop Cover?

This one-day interactive workshop for leaders of departments and organisations will provide you with a deep understanding of:

  • The science-based business psychology that underpins building high performing teams
  • The 5 Key Elements that make up high performing teams
  • How to apply these to your own business setting.

The 5 Key Elements of High-Performing Teams:

  1. The Leader:
    Self-awareness, acknowledging strengths/limitations/values/social constructs in relation to how you lead, preferences for leadership vs management and strategy vs operations.
  2. The Team:
    The power of people, building psychological safety, understanding how to utilise team dynamics, dealing with conflict/internal politics.
  3. Foundations:
    Setting purpose, team values, effective communication methods and preferences, fostering employee willingness and buy-in.
  4. Operations:
    Confirming efficient ways of working, developing behaviours for success, collaborative problem solving.
  5. Aspirations:
    The importance of setting direction, how to foster ambition and keep people motivated, holding people to account.

What to Expect

This workshop won’t send you to sleep with endless powerpoint slides. Hayley will guide you through a variety of exercises that promote interaction, conversation, self-reflection, goal setting, and action planning.

So, your involvement in the day will be encouraged, to help maximise the value delivered to you, however, with psychological safety at the centre of the Workshop, you can rest assured that you won’t be pushed into speaking in front of the group if you’d prefer not to.

Workshop Outcomes

The Building High-Performing Teams Workshop will enable you to:

  • Critique your own leadership with regards to self-awareness and self-compassion and how various aspects of your personality impact how you lead others.
  • Assess how trust spreads throughout a team and how to improve your own team’s trust, communication, and connection (and therefore results!)
  • Define the purpose of your team, understand team values and why a team vision is important, plus how you align and motivate all team members with this.
  • Recognise existing successful methods and what future opportunities might exist to ensure optimal performance, reducing office politics and greater accountability.
  • Indicate what team/department growth could look like, define aspirations and how to communicate this through the lens of psychological safety.
  • Evaluate if your current policies and procedures and ways of working reflect your new understanding of building brilliant teams and consider next steps.

Secure one of 10 early bird tickets for only £299, before February 16th 2024, or a standard ticket for just £499 if you miss the deadline, and join Hayley on March 19th 2024 at The Birmingham Conferences and Events Cent, Hill Street, Birmingham B5 4EW.

The workshop will run from 9:30am to 4:30pm, and will include morning pastries, a chef-cooked lunch, afternoon snacks and unlimited hot drinks throughout the day.

Secure Your Ticket

Your Facilitator 

Hayley Gillard is Managing Director at Compassionate Leaders, and an empowering, engaging and skilled leadership development facilitator and trainer.

With a background and multiple degrees in both Business and Psychology, Hayley helps organisations to create compassionate, decisive leaders of high-performing teams, made up of fulfilled and dedicated staff who are committed to achieving the organisation’s mission and living its values.

Her degrees in Business and Psychology enable her to combine an understanding of people’s thoughts and behaviours with an appreciation for their work environment, and she has developed her practical skills by gaining qualifications in leadership management, coaching and mental health.

Hayley is a highly experienced leadership development facilitator, supporting organisations from a varied range of sectors, including housing (social and private), education, travel and beyond.

Buy your ticket today to secure your place on the Building High-Performing Teams Workshop, on March 19th 2024, at The Birmingham Conferences and Events Centre, Hill Street, Birmingham B5 4EW.